Solid State Logic SSL 2+ USB Audio Interface

Solid State Logic SSL 2+ USB Audio Interface

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Solid State Logic SSL 2+ - 2-In / 4-Out USB Audio Interface

SSL analogue sound for the Masses. SSL 2+ is a portable 2x4 USB audio Interface with 2 Mic Pres and 4k Legacy mode for instant 4000-series analogue color.

The Solid State Logic SSL 2+ is a 2-In / 4-Out USB 2.0, bus-powered audio interface, but it is much more than just an interface, it is the center of your new Solid State Logic studio. The SSL 2 has 2 input channels for recording and balanced monitor outputs for connecting to your monitors. It also has Class-leading mic preamps, Legacy 4K analogue enhancement, studio-quality monitoring and the incredible SSL Production Pack software bundle. SSL have been designing cutting-edge mixing consoles and processing tools for the world's finest recording studios for over four decades. Now you get all that hit-making know-how in your own personal studio.

The SSL 2+ gives you 'that little bit more', with an additional professional high-current headphone output, complete with independent level control, making it perfect for when you are recording with another person. Furthermore, this additional headphone output can be set up in a way that allows the other person to have a different headphone mix. SSL 2+ also features unbalanced outputs for easy connection to DJ mixers and finally, it has traditional 5-Pin DIN MIDI input and MIDI outputs, for connecting to drum modules or keyboards.

Key Features:

  • 2-In/4-Out USB Audio Interface
  • 2 x SSL-designed microphone preamps with unrivaled noise performance and gain range for a USB-powered device
  • Legacy 4K - analogue color enhancement for any input source, inspired by classic SSL consoles
  • 2 x Professional, high-current grade headphone outputs, with plenty of power and the ability to create a second independent headphone mix for the 2nd performer
  • 24-bit / 192 kHz AD/DA AKM Converters - capture and hear all the detail of your creations
  • Easy-to-use Monitor Mix Control for critical low-latency monitoring tasks
  • Balanced monitor outputs, with stunning dynamic range
  • Additional unbalanced RCA outputs for easy connection to DJ Mixers
  • MIDI I/O
  • USB 2.0, bus-powered audio interface for Mac/PC - no power supply required

Who’s using SSL

If you’re not familiar with Solid State Logic (SSL) let RSPE Audio Solutions be the first to welcome you to Earth! Most of the hit records from the last 30 years were mixed on SSL. Solid State Logic’s automated large-format consoles quickly became a driving force in the music after they first arrived on the scene in 1977. To this day, mixers such as Bob Clearmountain, Michael Brauer, Chris Lord Alge, Tom Lord Alge use SSL G Series consoles as the centerpiece of their mixing tools, which means everybody who’s anybody in rock and pop music over the last 35 years has SSL all over their records.

About Solid State Logic

From groundbreaking audio consoles to innovative video production systems, Solid State Logic has evolved to become the world’s leading manufacturer of analog and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for film, audio, video and broadcast professionals.

With more than 3000 SSL-equipped studios and facilities operational today, the excellence of SSL consoles is universally recognized for unrivaled sonic quality, superb ergonomics, outstanding automation and an international support infrastructure second to none.

The legendary sound of the SSL Stereo Bus Compressor has been gluing mixes together for 35+ years and is finally available for the 500 rack. For more information, call or chat with an RSPE representative today.
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