Sounds in Sync EdiLoad V4

Sounds in Sync EdiLoad V4

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Sounds in Sync EdiLoad V4

Compare edit lists and re-conform Pro Tools sessions when picture changes occur.

Sounds in Sync EdiLoad is an application that allows sound editors and mixers to perform a variety of crucial and time-saving tasks. From re-conforming (re-cutting) a Pro Tools session when picture changes occur, to conforming (assembling) location WAV files in Pro Tools, EdiLoad can streamline the workflow of any film or television sound-post production.

At its heart EdiLoad contains powerful functions that can manipulate edit lists through its filter, batch modify and cleaning controls. With its unique ability to import and export Pro Tools sessions, new work-flows can be created to automate repetitive tasks, or enable new processes on custom productions.

New Features In EdiLoad V4

  • 64bit app with a user interface that is macOS dark mode and HiDPI compatible
  • Option to import AAF files and FCP7 (Premiere Pro) XML files into the main and compare windows
  • Ability to import up to 99 audio tracks into the main window with new 'Source Frame Count', 'File Name' and 'Info' columns
  • Fix for compatibility with Pro Tools 2020.3+. Required when re-conforming sessions at 29.97 FPS
  • Switch from exporting PTX files to AAF files for all clip-based exports
  • New 'Update Data' window to update the timecode values in a Text or Excel file when picture changes occur
  • New List menu item to remove sections in an edit list that are covered by an EdiLoad change list
  • New List menu item to move selected events to a new track
  • New List menu item to ripple defined tracks to the lowest possible track selection
  • New List menu item to fix 00:00:00:00 source in timecodes with an alternate EDL
  • New List menu item to select all events with no WAV File Name
  • New 'EDL Save Format' menu item to lock the format during every import
  • New 'Column Transfer' window Modify options to convert YYMMDD dates to 11Y11M11 dates and vice versa
  • New 'Text Encoding' preferences to allow load and save of text files with non-English text
  • New process menu item in Match Roll Name and Match File Name windows to delete all events that don't contain a match in both windows
  • Dropping an EdiLoad project file onto the main window or app icon will now open the compare window and load the project into it

Import and Manipulate Edit Lists

Import an AAF, FCP7 XML, or any text-based EDL file (e.g. CMX3600, GVG, SMPTE File 32). While loading EDLs, EdiLoad imports all event comments so clip names can be extracted and used, for example, to build custom Roll Names.

Append multiple A1-4 EDLs to manipulate and clean all tracks in one go. EDLs can also be appended when split by time - allowing a part1 and part2 EDL to be merged, for example.

Use EdiLoad's powerful cleaning controls to remove duplicate events, combine events split over several tracks, and ripple events to generate a list with the least number of events and tracks.

EdiLoad reads 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 29.97DF, 30, 30DF, 47.952, 48, 50, 59.94, 59.94DF, 60, 60DF FPS timecodes.

Compare Edit Lists

The EdiLoad compare window finds the difference between two picture version edit lists, creating a change list that describes which sections of the old version have been retained and where they have been moved to. The compare algorithm used in EdiLoad is also used to power the Pyramix v6+ 'Detect Picture Change & Reconform' function.

Multiple AAF, FCP7 XML, or EDL files can be loaded at once and grouped by version or date for easy selection. During load, EdiLoad utilises its powerful VFX cleaning controls so that updated VFX shots are matched between picture versions. It also assigns a Roll Name to each list during load which is shown in the generated change list to identify which Pro Tools session an event relates to.

Several old version lists or groups of lists can be selected for compare, allowing EdiLoad to automatically fill holes in a trace with a previous picture version list.

All edit lists and settings for a project can be saved in a single EdiLoad project file.

Re-Conform (Re-Cut) Pro Tools Sessions The EdiLoad re-conform function re-positions the clips, automation and any other elements in a Pro Tools session as per the edit list loaded.

This function can be used to update a session to match a new picture version by loading a change list created by the compare window. Alternatively it can be used to create a cut-down version of a project when, for example, a foreign version is created or trailer has been made. In this instance, when the long version pictures were used to create the cut-down version, the audio events of an AAF, FCP7 XML or EDL can be loaded into EdiLoad to re-cut the Pro Tools session. See this blog post for more information.

Conform (Assemble) WAV files

When all channels of the location WAV files need to be conformed or assembled using an AAF, FCP7 XML, or EDL, EdiLoad can be used in conjunction with the Pro Tools expand tracks feature to perform this task. Load multiple edit lists into EdiLoad and clean them to create a list with the least number of events and tracks as possible. This simplifies the conform and saves having multiple copies of the same clips presented in the timeline at the end of the conform. See this blog post for more information.

The above process allows for poly WAV files to be conformed without the need to split and copy all location audio.

Import Edit Data from Pro Tools Sessions

EdiLoad can import the clip edit data from one or more audio tracks of a Pro Tools session. Initially this was written for clients that wanted to edit their own version of an old guide track and apply these edits to mix automation via an EDL. This feature can also be used to customise re-conforms by manually changing a guide track re-conform, or it can be used to import the edit data of a session when music tracks from an AV shoot are edited in Pro Tools and the picture edit needs to follow.

Create a Picture Cut Track

To speed-up the process of editing backgrounds, atmospheres or crowds, generate a picture cut track in EdiLoad. A picture cut track is an audio track containing a clip at every picture cut point named with the clip name in the source AAF, FCP7 XML, or EDL. Loading one of these into your DAW timeline not only allows you to see or tab to each picture cut point, but shows dialog editors directly in the timeline which slate and take was used in the picture edit. To show the source timecodes in each clip as well, generate a conform reference track instead of a picture cut track.

Create a Scene Change Track

A scene change track is similar to a picture cut track, however, with a scene change track each clip shows where a scene starts and ends. Clips are named with the scene number, and when available, the scene description too.

As well as helping to identify locations in a project, a scene change track can streamline the process of editing atmospheres, simplify selecting a range while applying mix automation for the duration of a scene, or automatically assign scene numbers and descriptions to ADR cues when using EdiCue.

To create a scene change track in EdiLoad see our demo video in this blog post.

Update Data Window

To update timecode values in a data file when picture changes occur, use the EdiLoad Update Data window to load and modify the timecode values to match the new picture version. Load a delimited text file or Excel file and configure what timecodes are updated, if a picture version field is set, and how the timecodes are modified for the cues that did not make it into the new picture cut.

WAV File List Window

The EdiLoad WAV File List window can be used to inspect the meta data of files, find duplicate files, export an AAF containing all files spotted to its timestamp, export all data as an Excel file or text file, or export an Avid Log Exchange (ALE) file.

The AAF created by this window is handy for ADR editors who have been given either a folder of WAV files or a Pro Tools session where all takes are stored on different playlists. This EdiLoad window provides a convenient way of loading WAV files into an AAF with all recordings placed on separate tracks spotted to their timestamp.

The Find Duplicates function is useful while conforming (assembling) location WAV files as duplicate WAVs can cause multiple versions of the same WAV file being shown in the Pro Tools timeline once files have been conformed.

Export Files

In addition to exporting AAFs, EdiLoad can export the following files:
  • EDL files with a standard CMX3600, File16, File32 or File129 format
  • MIDI files to generate Pro Tools markers at picture or scene change points
  • MIDI files to trigger visual cues (like streamers) in EdiPrompt at picture or scene change points to cue foley walkers
  • Tab-delimited text files or Microsoft Excel files containing all edit list data
  • Offset lists containing cumulative changes for manual picture updates
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