SPL MTC Mk2 Stereo Monitor & Talkback Controller

SPL MTC Mk2 Stereo Monitor & Talkback Controller

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Next Generation Monitor & Talkback Controller featuring muliple monitoring modes and headphone amplifiers with Phonitor Matrix

The SPL MTC Mk2 has updated the MTC Monitor & Talkback Controller with new features adapting it to the demands of modern music production environments. Advanced source and speaker selection, multiple monitoring modes, an integrated premium talkback system, headphone amplifiers with Phonitor Matrix, an additional input for a dedicated artist mix and an internal audio operating voltage of +/-18 volts make the MTC Mk2 the next generation Monitor & Talkback Controller.


SPL Phonitor Matrix

The Phonitor Matrix enables mixing and mastering engineers to create perfect mixes on headphones, which will translate perfectly to all types of stereo speaker systems.


The Phonitor Matrix parameters

The two main parameters of the Phonitor Matrix are Crossfeed and Angle:

• Crossfeed determines the opening angle of the stereo image.
• Angle determines the opening angle of the stereo image.

The “Crossfeed” parameter of the MTC Mk2 is continuously adjustable via the crossfeed control.
The “Angle” parameter is fixed at the studio standard of 30°.

To perfect the listening experience, the level of the sound sources centered in the stereo image must be attenuated when the Phonitor Matrix is activated. The result is that not only the position of all sound sources is correctly located, but also their volume.

For the MTC Mk2, this parameter, which we call “Center” for the Phonitor Matrix, is fixed at a -1 dB attenuation, which is the best choice for an authentic representation of the soundstage.

During conventional listening on headphones, our brain can compensate a certain level of false playback representation – but this is very exhausting and leads to listening fatigue.


SPL MTC Mk2 Features:

  • Monitor Controller
  • 4 stereo inputs (3 x balanced, 1 x RCA)
  • 3 pairs of outputs for stereo speakers, 1 x mono output for subwoofer
  • 2 audiophile headphone amplifiers with individual volume control
  • Phonitor Matrix • Integrated premium talkback system
  • Cue mix input for artist monitor mix
  • Monitoring modes: phase inversion, mono, M/S and LR Swap
  • Meter Out • Operating voltage +/-18 volts: more headroom!
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