SPL SMC 7.1 Surround Monitor Controller

SPL SMC 7.1 Surround Monitor Controller

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SPL SMC 7.1 Surround Monitor Controller

The SPL SMC 7.1 builds upon all the features of the popular SMC 5.1 and adds overall level control and several monitoring features for a 7.1 system.

The SPL SMC 7.1 Surround Monitor Controller is an full-featured, professional analog studio monitor controller for 7.1 and stereo sources.

Each of the two balanced 7.1 inputs and the two balanced stereo inputs that can be routed to the balanced 7.1 output. The L/R signals of the active input can optionally be routed to the alternative stereo output. With the high-quality headphone amplifier, you can listen to the L/R signal of the active input as well as to single channels of the 7.1 inputs.

The eight-ganged potentiometer controls the volume of all channels directly – no control circuits like VCAs are used.

The SCM 7.1 also allows you to various solo options for mixing your channels. You can "Solo in Place" and listen to any of your 8 channels where they are, or you can "Solo to Center" and hear any of those channels through your center channel speaker for precise monitoring and mixing.

The SMC 7.1 is built up in high-quality analog technique, which ensures a linear frequency response up to 100 kHz as well as an outstanding dynamic range.

SMC Key Features

  • Two Balanced 7.1 Inputs
  • Two Balanced Stereo Inputs
  • Balanced 7.1 Output
  • Balanced Stereo Output with Sub Out
  • Extensive Routing Options
  • Solo in Place / Solo to Center
  • High-Quality Headphone Amplifier
  • Dedicated Analog Meter Output
  • Internal Power Supply
  • Made in Germany
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