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Empirical Labs Virtual Distressor ELX-8

RSPE Audio Solutions’ Virtual Distressor ELX-8 Compressor, created in collaboration with designer David Derr, lets you mouse over the controls of the Empirical Labs Distressor ELX-8 and take it through its paces, from punchy open drums to “nuking the room,” for which the Distressor ELX-8 is famous.

Experience all of RSPE’s Virtual Product Demos, including the Virtual Daking FET II Compressor, Virtual SSL G-Series Bus Compressor, and Virtual Euphonix System 5 MC Channel Strip.

RSPE Audio Solutions offers numerous ways to enhance your online experience, including the Avid S6 System Configurator; Yamaha Nuage Microsite; video interviews with industry luminaries; our exclusive Webboutique; and much more. Visit and experience everything that RSPE Audio Solutions has to offer.

RSPE would like to extend a special thank you to David Derr and Gil Griffith for their support and Inspirations! All rights and designs are reserved by Wave Distributions, Empirical Labs and RSPE Audio Solutions