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Crane Song Syren 500 Series Tube Preamp
Crane Song Syren 500 Series Tube Preamp

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Crane Song Syren 500 Series Tube Preamp

A classic sounding 500-series tube preamp with a 12AX7 tube and dual triode circuit.

The Crane Song Syren 500 Series Tube Preamp gives you a classic tube sound with a modern feature set and compact 500 series package. Syren features a dual gain stage circuit and allows overdrive effects, a switch selectable HI-z input, a low cut filter is at 90 Hz and is 24 db/octave, and the pad has -15 db and -25 db settings to allow a wide input range of signals.

The audio path color is changed by modifying the second stage tube circuit so it has negative feedback or does not have negative feedback. This changes the interaction between the tube stages and thus the sound of the pre-amp. With negative feedback SYREN typically has a more accurate audio path with wider frequency response. Without negative feedback it has a more open warmer sound. The OPEN setting is more desired for over drive operation.

Because SYREN was designed for color and not specs the measured values will change greatly depending on the mode of operation. Turing the negative feedback off may or may not result in higher harmonic distortion, but will result in different harmonic content. The changing interaction between the tube stages makes the result difficult to predict. Gain settings, signal level, signal frequency and source impedance all contribute to the tube stage interaction.

The over load LEDs start to light at -6db with respect the tube compression or over load. With a little practice they will become useful in judging the gain settings. The LED’s lighting a small amount does not mean distortion.

The input LED is an indicator of the drive level to the first stage, the only way to change this is with the PAD switch or changing the input signal level. The output gain LED is shows the level of the second tube stage before the OUTPUT GAIN pot. This is affected by the setting of the INPUT GAIN pot.

The output stage features a shielded Lundahl high level line output transformer, all the stepped frequency pots are high quality Grayhill series 56 Rotary Switches and Bourn pots for the gain.

Crane Song Syren unique features:

  • Dual triode circuit with a 12AX7 tube
  • Open/Color switch which lets you apply negative feedback to second stage tube circuit

Crane Song Syren key features:

  • Dual gain stage circuit that allows overdrive effects
  • Hi-z filter (90Hz, 24db/octave)
  • Front-panel DI input; Mic/DI switch
  • 48-volt phantom power
  • Phase-reversal switch

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Who’s using Crane Song:

With a user list including Dave Pensado, Michael Wagener, Tony Maserati, Michael Brauer, Ross Hogarth, Dylan Dresdow, and many more, Crane Song Equipment, such as the Hedd 192, Trakker, Avocet, and STC-8 have achieved secret weapon status in the recording industry. Crane Song is just one of those brands that you know you need to have if you take your audio seriously.

About Crane Song

Crane Song owner, founder, and design engineer Dave Hill has become one of the most respected inventors in the professional audio business. Dave has been doing studio and film sound recording since 1972. Early in the 1980's Dave was asked by a used equipment dealer if he could design a tube compressor that would have the sound of the older tube type devices and still be clean enough to compete with modern devices. The result was the Summit Audio TLA-100. Building on the success of that first design, Dave went on to design multiple tube devices, giving Summit a premier position in pro audio. In 1995 Dave founded Crane Song, a company offering innovative solid-state hardware and software used at the highest levels of pro audio.

If you’ve been looking for a more affordable way to get the classic sound of a tube preamplifier to work for you, put a 500-series Syren Tube Preamp in your 500 lunchbox or rack/PSU. For more information, call or chat with an RSPE representative today.

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