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PMC x Dolby Atmos Monitoring Systems

Experience Immersive Audio Creation with RSPE & PMC

RSPE Audio is the premier Dolby Atmos Music partner for PMC Speakers. Our turn-key PMC Dolby Atmos monitoring systems exceed the rigorous standards for Dolby Atmos Music, and provide the same sonic characteristics and clarity as the larger PMC Atmos systems found  in some of the world's most prestigious studios, such as Capitol Studios, UMG's East Iris Studios, Becker Mastering, and more.


Want to hear it for yourself? The RSPE showroom is designed to provide a “real world” Atmos studio experience, so you can be confident that your mixes will translate well to any listening environment. Along with the 9.1.4 PMC immersive audio monitoring, the production system features a Pro Tools HDX system, Avid MTRX, and Avid S1 + Dock control surface, giving you the tools you need to create stunning Dolby Atmos Music mixes.


If you are an artist, producer, engineer, or record label interested in mixing new music or catalogs in Dolby Atmos, we invite you to book a private demo at RSPE Audio. We will show you how to use our state-of-the-art facilities to create immersive soundscapes that will amaze your audience.


Why Choose RSPE & PMC for your Dolby Atmos Studio?

  • Turn-key Solutions: Design, integration, and installation with premium PMC monitoring systems exceeding rigorous Dolby Atmos Music standards.
  • World-Class Expertise: PMC Speakers are the preferred studio monitors of prestigious studios like Capitol Studios, UMG's East Iris Studios, and Becker Mastering.
  • Immersive Demo Facility: Our showroom allows you to experience the power of a 9.1.4 PMC nearfield monitoring system, replicating the sonic clarity of renowned studios.
  • Seamless Workflow: RSPE takes care of the system design, routing, and room tuning, providing professional Dolby Atmos systems that suit your workflow.
  • Confidence in Your Mixes: PMC's legendary sound quality and our RSPE's experieince in Atmos studio design ensures accurate translation to any listening environment.


Contact us today to learn more about PMC Speakers for Dolby Atmos Music production, and how we can help you build your PMC Dolby Atmos music studio.

RSPE Audio PMC Atmos ShowroomRSPE Audio PMC Atmos Showroom
RSPE PMC Atmos ShowroomRSPE PMC Atmos Showroom

Shop PMC x Dolby Atmos Systems:

Shop complete PMC Dolby Atmos systems from RSPE Audio. Just add to your existing Pro Tools rig! Our custom systems include Avid MTRX Studio, Dolby Home Theater RMU, and 7.1.4 PMC high-resolution nearfield monitoring systems.

A Few PMC x Dolby Atmos Clients