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Dolby Atmos Certified Studio Design, Integration and Installation

RSPE has been a Dolby Professional dealer for over 15 years and the go-to place for all things Dolby Atmos. As a Dolby Atmos Certified Dealer and Installer, we carry all of Dolby's powerful new tools, including the Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite which lets audio professionals create, mix, master, and edit high-quality Dolby Atmos content for Blu-ray, digital delivery, gaming, and virtual reality.

Complete Atmos System DesignComplete Atmos System Design

Complete Atmos System Design

With deep knowledge and experience in building Dolby Atmos systems, RSPE can specify and provide the exact components needed to design an Atmos system that suits your workflow, and fits your budget.

Atmos Integration & InstallationAtmos Integration & Installation

Atmos Integration & Installation

RSPE provides full-service Dolby Atmos Design and Integration. Our Dolby Atmos Certified team will integrate your system, provide the proper documentation, support, and professional installation you can trust.

A Few Of Our Atmos Clients

Dolby Atmos Studio - Post Haste DigitalDolby Atmos Studio - Post Haste Digital
Dolby Atmos Studio - Becker MasteringDolby Atmos Studio - Becker Mastering
Dolby Atmos Studio - Smart Post WestDolby Atmos Studio - Smart Post West
Dolby Atmos Studio - Gary LuxDolby Atmos Studio - Gary Lux
Dolby Atmos Studio - Fab Factory StudiosDolby Atmos Studio - Fab Factory Studios
Dolby Atmos Studio - Westwind MediaDolby Atmos Studio - Westwind Media
Dolby Atmos Studio - HexanyDolby Atmos Studio - Hexany
Dolby Atmos Studio - QCODEDolby Atmos Studio - QCODE
Dolby Atmos Studio - Paula FairfieldDolby Atmos Studio - Paula Fairfield
Our Dolby Atmos ClientsOur Dolby Atmos Clients

Demystifying Dolby Atmos

Learn more about Dolby Atmos content creation with our "Demystifying Dolby Atmos" Series. Learn about the Dolby RMU for nearfield and the difference between Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite and Production Suite.

Part 1: Dolby RMU
Part 2: Atmos Production Suite


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