AEA RPQ3 2-Channel Microphone Preamp

AEA RPQ3 2-Channel Microphone Preamp

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Ignite Your Ribbons with the AEA RPQ3 – A Dream Preamp for Lush, Low-Noise Audio

Silence the hiss, unleash the warmth. The AEA RPQ3 is a 2-channel microphone preamp and EQ that's a studio beast, built to squeeze every ounce of sonic magic from your ribbon mics. Forget thin, noisy signals – this JFET powerhouse dishes out 85dB of mouthwatering gain, letting you capture delicate whispers with breathtaking clarity.


Sculpt your sound like a pro:

  • Curveshaper™ EQ: Tame proximity rumble and dial in shimmering highs with this intuitive EQ, designed specifically for ribbons.
  • 68kΩ high-impedance: Unleash the full, natural tones of your mics – hear every nuance, from thunderous lows to airy highs.
  • Post-mic & Pre-EQ inserts: Craft your signal chain effortlessly with seamless routing options.

No detail escapes the RPQ3:

  • Cleanest circuit yet: Experience AEA's 3rd generation design – pure sonic fidelity, zero unwanted noise.
  • Phantom power & polarity: Adapt to any mic, any situation with ease.
  • Made in USA: Built with meticulous craftsmanship and legendary AEA quality.
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