RSPE Audio- Financing and Leasing

Financing and Leasing


RSPE's financing services make buying equipment fast, convenient and easy.

With our no interest "same as cash" financing plans ranging from 3 to 12 months* and a quick and easy approval process, you can have your equipment in the studio or on the stage making money and performing for you before you even have to worry about the first payment.

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*Depending on purchase amount and products chosen - available to qualified buyers



Why Lease? When you are looking into longer term financing (from 12 to 60 months) it is often important to consider leasing or lease-financing.

“The use of equipment, not ownership is what generates profit. Liquidity is crucial to all companies”.

RSPE Audio Solutions and one of our leasing partners, Apex Leasing & Finance, offer specialized lease and finance programs to the Entertainment industry.

RSPE Audio Solutions and Apex will work together with you, and offer programs for financing equipment and supplies from RSPE Audio Solutions. Our programs can dramatically reduce your out of pocket costs and match your anticipated cash flow from that equipment, or from a specific project.

If you are ready to get your approval, click here for the simple, one page form and call us to speak with an expert in financing for a quick and simple 'walk through'.


Benefits of Leasing

1 - Leverage
The most important reason is the Leverage your business obtains by allowing for the use of the equipment at your facility while you pay for the Gear over time! Giving you 100% financing including all equipment, software, installation and configuration cost and sales taxes..

2 - Matching Equipment Benefits with Costs at Fixed Payments
Securing the Credit facility in this way enables you to pay for the equipment as it is being used and generating income and/ or reducing costs. The best companies in the business match their Revenue/costs with their payment plan. This enhances pricing models and predictability of true costs. Long term assets should always be financed through long term cash flow preserving precious working capital.

3 - Conserves Working Capital
Your working capital may be better utilized and reinvested in the business to maximize profitability and minimize short term strain. Working capital should be used to fund your day to day activities with appropriate availability for growth as well as an unexpected slowdown in Revenues or collection of receivables. Credit lines open for opportunities and obstacles that invariably any business encounters is essential to healthy growth and the ability to seize opportunities.

4 - Overcomes Budget Limitations
If budgetary considerations are an issue, by the expansion or reduction of the length of contract, monthly payments can be easily tailored to accommodate fixed budgets as well as seasonality.

5 - Convenience
Simple documentation and monthly billing or even automatic payments simplify the process.

6 - Build Company Credit
Lease Purchase Financing builds credit for your business and is usually not reported on to personal credit agencies, so it’s usually doesn’t affect your personal credit scores.



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