ASC IsoThermal TubeTrap 13 Inch Diameter, 60hz

ASC IsoThermal TubeTrap 13 Inch Diameter, 60hz

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ASC IsoThermal TubeTrap - 13 Inch Diameter, 60 Hz

Isothermal TubeTraps are modular, self-contained, broadband acoustic absorber/diffusers that improve the quality of music playback.
The IsoThermal TubeTrap continues this tradition with their new patented technology by delivering twice the bass absorption power, a fully adjustable diffuser with dynamic broadband sound absorption and diffusion. As the acoustic workhorse for solving your room’s sonic problems, the Isothermal TubeTrap offers extended bass absorption and treble range diffusion to help your room sound lively and tight.

IsoThermal TubeTrapsTM absorb and diffuse treble just like the traditional TubeTrap. However, IsoThermals provide up to 30% more absorption in the muddy bass range below middle C and up to 100% more, double the absorbing power, in the sub-bass range below 60 Hz. As with all TubeTraps, IsoThermals work best when positioned in the corners of the room and against the walls of the room nearest the speakers. Keep the treble diffuser rotated towards the room to maintain and enhance upper treble room ambiance.

While the IsoThermal TubeTrap is very similar to the Standard TubeTrap, its extended low frequency absorption makes it perfect for treating the rear wall of your room. In any listening environment, the rear wall bounce creates the most bothersome of LF low frequency problems: the phase-cancel effect, also known in HiFi as a “suck-out”. If someone has an 8 dB suck-out at 49 Hz, they usually get tired of hearing the same note drop out of double bass riffs.

TubeTrap Features

  • New patented technology bass trap with ~2x bass absorption (below 60hz) over the Standard TubeTrap
  • Add to existing system or can be used as a standalone solution
  • Adjustable room ambience and bass reverberation
  • Adjustable treble diffusion and broadband absorption
  • Floor standing and stackable with sturdy exoskeleton
  • Durable, long lasting
  • Welded and woven steel exoskeleton
  • Spill/stain resistant texture-lacquer finish
  • Free standing / Floor Standing
  • Simple adjustment; rotate or pick up and move!
  • Additional hardware can be use for mounted installations
  • Improved soundstage imaging: depth, clarity, localization and stability
  • Increased spaciousness
  • Increase musical clarity and dynamics
  • Maintains ambience
  • PATENTED Next Gen Bass Absorption from IsoThermal technology
  • Controlled reverberation and room modes
  • Reduces mid-bass mud
  • Turn “room boom” into a tight musical bass line
  • Improved signal to noise ratio, allowing higher playback levels without coloration and distortion

How IsoThermal TubeTraps Work

Just like the classic TubeTrap you know and love, the new IsoThermal TubeTrap is a self contained broadband acoustic absorber/diffuser. Both models work by utilizing a reactive acoustic circuit that is powered by the sound pressure in your room. Both models work best where the sound pressure is the strongest, which is in the corners and against the walls in your room.
IsoThermal TubeTraps are an improved TubeTrap that provides double absorbing power in the sub-bass range, below 60Hz and enhanced bass absorption up through middle C, or 260Hz. That’s why the IsoThermal TubeTrap has two chrome dots along the rim instead of the traditional one dot: two dots means twice the power!
By eliminating the thermal component of acoustic pressure, The IsoThermal TubeTrap has an effectively 40% larger internal volume below 150 Hz, which doubles its absorbing power while retaining all of the other familiar sonic characteristics of the TubeTrap you know and love.

Bass and Treble: How to Improve your Sound System

Woofers and subs generate high power, huge bass waves. Mids and Tweets generate low power, small treble waves. Bass is omnidirectional, and quickly expands to fill the room with reverb. Treble is directional, expands off the speaker front in a well-controlled beam pattern. Bass reverb overwhelms fine grained treble range image and musical detail while blurring transient dynamics in the bass range. Corner-loaded TubeTraps attenuate bass reverb and restores full range musical clarity to your sound system.
Treble is projected out the front of the loudspeaker in the direction of the listener. Sound panels along side the walls absorb early treble reflections which would otherwise mix with the direct signal to cause; 1: sound stage distortion 2: image blurring.
Bass is projected in all directions, forward, to the sides, backwards and vertically. Corner bass traps efficiently absorb bass reflections which would otherwise; mix with the direct signal, causing phase add/cancel tonal distortion, and build up bass modes and reverberation which create a sluggish bass line and blurred transient dynamics.
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