ATC Loudspeakers P1 Pro Amplifier

ATC Loudspeakers P1 Pro Amplifier

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ATC Loudspeakers P1 Pro Amplifier

The ATC P1 Pro is a high-quality class A/B power amplifier designed to power ATC passive monitors.

The P1 Pro Amplifier delivers 150 watts per channel and the P2 Pro provides 300 watts per channel, both at 8 Ohms. The 19-inch rack-mount chassis has a front panel mounted standby button and L/R clip indication.

The amplifiers incorporate the same gain reduction and loudspeaker protection circuits that are used in the ATC active monitors. These circuits help ensure that the amplifier will not clip, even when working at very high volumes, which protects the loudspeakers from damage and improves the subjective performance of the entire system.

Neither model uses a fan so they can be placed anywhere, including the control room. Further, they’re a “true” dual mono design: the power supplies, signal, and return paths are totally separated from each other. This approach maximizes signal separation and minimizes crosstalk.

Further, intermodulation between channels via the power supplies is reduced to a minimum at all frequencies, and the power demand from one channel cannot affect the specified power available to the other channel

P1 – Dual-Mono Power Amplifier Features

  • Class A/B operation
  • Hand built in the UK
  • True dual mono design
  • Balanced and unbalanced inputs
  • Amplifier link output
  • Remote control
  • 6 year warranty

About ATC Loudspeakers

ATC was founded in London in 1974 by Australian emigre Bill Woodman, who still heads the company today. An enthusiastic pianist and engineer he was naturally drawn to loudspeaker design and after a period working at Goodmans, where many of the names that went on to found British loudspeaker companies began their careers, he struck out on his own.The premise on which ATC began is a simple one, and one that in many respects is still true today: hi-fi loudspeakers tend to be detailed and accurate but of limited dynamic range, while professional monitor speakers tend to express the opposite character. ATC products were designed from the outset to offer the best of both. It’s an easy concept to describe, but surprisingly difficult to engineer

Through ATC’s commitment to multi-channel mastering and its direct involvement with leading players in the professional audio industry including Sony Music and Telarc, ATC’s products are installed at some of the world’s most prestigious multi-channel studios and auditoria. Where ever the best is required you will find ATC.
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