Audient ORIA Immersive Audio Interface and Monitor Controller

Audient ORIA Immersive Audio Interface and Monitor Controller

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Audient ORIA: Revolutionize Your Immersive Audio Workflow

Audient ORIA is the world's first audio interface and monitor controller built specifically for Dolby Atmos and beyond. Supercharge your studio with ORIA's unmatched combination of intuitive control, pristine audio quality, and advanced room correction – all designed to streamline your immersive audio production process. Craft professional, multi-dimensional mixes for music, film, TV, VR, and game production with a feature set that empowers creators at every level.


Unleash the Power of Immersive Audio:

Effortless Room Calibration

Combat the challenges of room acoustics with ORIA's built-in DSP or leverage the included SoundID Reference microphone for seamless integration with Sonarworks software. Create custom calibration profiles for any monitoring format, from stereo to 9.1.6 immersive setups, ensuring your mixes translate flawlessly across different listening environments.

Advanced Speaker Control

Take complete command of your immersive speaker array. ORIA's intuitive software features color-coded speaker groups, individual and group mute/solo functions, and a global volume control for effortless level adjustments. Manage delay with high precision using the dedicated Cut & Dim controls, perfect for post-production workflows where lip-sync is crucial.

Fast Profile Switching

Seamlessly transition between speaker configurations and target curves with a single click. Imagine instantly switching from your perfectly calibrated nearfield monitors to a full 9.1.6 Dolby Atmos setup with the X-Curve applied – all without interrupting your creative flow.

Studio-Grade Performance, Uncompromised Control:

Hear Every Detail

Immerse yourself in pristine audio quality thanks to ORIA's high-performance AD/DA converters boasting a massive 126dB dynamic range. Capture the subtle nuances of your performances and make informed mix decisions with the confidence of knowing you're hearing an accurate representation of your source material.

Legendary Preamps at Your Fingertips

Audient's renowned Console Mic Preamps, acclaimed for their ultra-low noise and classic analog warmth, are now integrated into ORIA. Enjoy 60dB of clean gain and the flexibility of switching between mic, line, or Hi-Z instrument inputs, all with the convenience of remote control for optimal workflow efficiency.

Effortless Integration, Unmatched Flexibility:

Massive Connectivity

Connect your entire studio setup with ease. ORIA boasts a comprehensive selection of I/O options, including dedicated surround speaker outputs, nearfield monitor outputs, ADAT inputs for external interfaces, and more.

Expand Your Horizons (Optional Dante Card)

Integrate seamlessly with existing AoIP networks using the optional Dante card, unlocking a world of possibilities for large studio complexes and educational facilities (sold separately).

Control from Anywhere

Take command of your studio environment from the comfort of your couch. The dedicated iPad app grants you remote access to all of ORIA's control features, allowing you to adjust levels, audition speakers, switch profiles, and monitor metering directly from your iPad.

Audient ORIA is the ultimate solution for immersive audio creation. Experience the power, precision, and flexibility you need to take your mixes to the next level.

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