Avid Venue S6L-24C Control Surface

Avid Venue S6L-24C Control Surface

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Venue S6L-24C Control Surface Features 24 + 2 faders, 32 assignable channel knobs, 1 Master Touchscreen, 1 Master Live Module, redundant power supplies, network ports, and local analog, digital, and ancillary I/O


The Avid Venue | S6L-24C is a live sound control surface designed for smaller spaces and better portability. The S6L-24C provides easy hands-on control and powerful performance in a more streamlined and affordable control surface.


S6L-24C features:

  • 24 channel faders across 3 Channel Fader Modules, plus 2 assignable faders in the Master Live Module
  • 32 assignable channel knobs (encoders) across 1 Channel Knob Module
  • 1 Master Touchscreen (central screen for quick navigation, parameter identification, and control, plus Channel and Meters view)
  • 1 Master Live Module (provides control over global system parameters, such as channel banking, snapshots, and monitoring)
  • Local analog I/O, digital I/O, and ancillary I/O, including ECx for remote control and DVI for connecting an external monitor (sold separately) for VENUE software display


Avid Venue S6L in Depth

Avid VENUE | S6L gives you the mixing efficiency and flexibility you need to meet the demands of any gig - from direct AAX and Waves plug-in support, 128 tracks of Pro Tools recording, and intelligent touchscreen workflows, to full system modularity and 300+ processing channels. 

Mixing Made Effortless

Experience the power of Avid Venue | S6L, designed to meet the demands of any gig. With direct AAX and Waves plug-in support, 128 tracks of Pro Tools recording, intelligent touchscreen workflows, and 300+ processing channels, you have all the tools you need to deliver exceptional live sound. Our expanded line of control surface, engine, and I/O options allows you to configure and scale the perfect system for any live sound application.


Unmatched Performance and Flexibility

Avid Venue | S6L is a fully modular live sound platform that delivers unprecedented performance and sound clarity. Swap control surface, engine, and I/O components effortlessly, ensuring 100% hardware, software, and show file compatibility. Seamlessly transition between different S6L systems for varying live sound applications, from arena tours to festivals to club tours. Rest easy knowing that your show files are always ready, regardless of the S6L configuration you encounter.


Efficiency Meets Reliability

Efficiency, sound clarity, and reliability are critical when mixing live sound. Avid Venue | S6L is the only live sound system offering complete compatibility and interoperability across software, hardware, and show files. Enjoy direct control of Waves and AAX plugins from the console, 128 tracks of built-in Pro Tools recording/playback with Virtual Soundcheck, and three years of 24x7 priority support. We ensure that your show always goes on without a hitch.


Handle Any Live Sound Challenge

With its advanced engine design and intelligent workflows, Avid Venue | S6L delivers uncompromising performance for any live production. Scale your system with ease, selecting the control surface, processing power, I/O, and networking options that suit your needs. Share I/O across multiple systems to maximize workflow possibilities while minimizing costs.


Unleash Studio-Quality Audio

Experience incredible clarity, warmth, and presence throughout the signal path with Avid Venue | S6L. Its premium-grade architecture, audio engine, and high-performance preamps guarantee exceptional sound quality. Capture the essence of the studio live, as S6L supports the same audio plugins and emulations used in countless recordings.


Powerful Performance for Complex Productions

Today's stage productions demand immense power and versatility. That's why we developed the groundbreaking VENUE | E6L engine for S6L. Combining state-of-the-art real-time processing and dedicated DSP plugin processing, this engine handles an extraordinary number of channels effortlessly, ensuring a flawless performance every time.


Venue S6L Highlights:

  • Over 300 processing channels for any mixing challenge
  • Exceptional warmth, clarity, and presence through high-performance preamps
  • Full control of AAX plugins and integrated Waves SoundGrid workflows
  • Record and play back up to 128 Pro Tools tracks over Ethernet AVB
  • Streamline sound check and set-up with Virtual Soundcheck
  • Share I/O across multiple networked systems with advanced gain tracking
  • Intuitive high-resolution touchscreens and OLED displays for instant feedback
  • Build and scale your system with control surface configurations, engines, I/O racks, and networking options
  • Seamlessly interface with various network and I/O formats for connectivity freedom
  • Enjoy familiar VENUE workflows and interface with software, hardware, and show file compatibility across the line
  • Benefit from proven system reliability, redundancies, and three years of Avid Advantage Elite Live support—priority care available 24x7.


Elevate your live sound experience with the Avid Venue | S6L. Contact RSPE Audio Solutions to discover the unmatched capabilities of the S6L cutting-edge live sound mix system.

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