Pro Tools Sketch & Pro Tools 2023.9


Avid have just relased announced the release of Pro Tools 2023.9. This monumental software update introduces a game-changing addition to the Pro Tools family, Pro Tools Sketch, which promises to revolutionize your music creation process.

What is Pro Tools Sketch

Pro Tools Sketch is the most significant workflow update to Pro Tools in recent history. It introduces non-linear, clip-based workflows to Pro Tools' renowned recording, editing, and mixing tools. But Pro Tools Sketch is not just a software feature; it's also a free iPad app, available on the Apple App Store. This dual-platform innovation opens up endless possibilities for musicians and producers.



Creativity Without Boundaries

With Pro Tools Sketch, you can now experiment and play with your musical ideas wherever inspiration strikes. The Sketch window seamlessly integrates with all versions of Pro Tools, including the free Pro Tools Intro, allowing you to take your creativity to new heights.


A World of Musical Resources

Pro Tools Sketch comes equipped with a massive library of free loops, virtual instruments, and effects. You'll have access to:

  • 16 tracks and virtually unlimited scenes.
  • A rich 1GB+ loop and sample library.
  • A non-linear workflow that encourages experimentation by enabling you to freely import, record, play, stop, and rearrange clips on the fly.
  • PlayCell and SynthCell software instruments featuring dozens of instrument sounds and presets.
  • A collection of 9 effects processors.
  • Onboard audio and MIDI editing tools and an integrated mixer.



The Freedom to Create Anywhere

Pro Tools Sketch allows you to start with non-linear, clip-based sketches where loops, MIDI, and recordings can be freely organized and played. And the best part? These sketches can be exported as .WAV files or seamlessly dragged into the Pro Tools linear timeline for further production.


What's New in Pro Tools 2023.9

Apart from the groundbreaking Pro Tools Sketch, this software update brings a host of other enhancements:


Export Selected Session Range (Pro Tools Studio and Ultimate only)

This feature significantly improves the efficiency of exporting workflows by allowing you to export only a specific section of a session with media to be saved/exported, rather than the entire session.


Re-ordering Plugin Slots (All Pro Tools Versions)

Now, you can freely change the order of inserted plugins via a simple drag and drop, enhancing your workflow and creative freedom.


Pro Tools 2023.9 Availability

Pro Tools 2023.9 (including the new Pro Tools Sketch window) will be available to all Pro Tools customers on an active subscription or perpetual license with a current Software Updates + Support Plan. Additionally, Pro Tools Intro users will also have access to this exciting update. The Pro Tools Sketch iPad app will be available for free on the Apple App Store.

Get ready to unlock your creative potential like never before with Pro Tools 2023.9 and the revolutionary Pro Tools Sketch. This update promises to redefine your music production experience, making it more flexible, intuitive, and inspiring. 


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