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RSPE Audio Brings Cutting-Edge Technology to Clear Lake Recording Studio

Clear Lake Recording, the iconic studio in North Hollywood, California, known for its legendary music productions spanning nearly five decades, has been a hub for renowned artists such as Little Richard, The Talking Heads, Melissa Ethridge, Adam Levine, and Wiz Khalifa. With a commitment to providing top-notch facilities and staying on the cutting edge of technology, Clear Lake Recording recently turned to RSPE Audio for a remarkable transformation of Studio B, one of their four world-class studios.

Owner Eric Milos understands the importance of offering musicians a space that inspires creativity and facilitates their musical journey. "We're always pushing the envelope with our look and capabilities to stay ahead of the game," says Milos. To further enhance the studio's capabilities, Studio B underwent a series of upgrades, culminating in an ambitious transformation from a 5.1 surround setup to a state-of-the-art 9.1.4 Dolby Atmos system featuring the latest range of high-resolution PMC speakers, powered by LEA Professional amplifiers.

RSPE Audio Solutions took on the challenge. Guided by Dolby's elevated standards, RSPE designed a fully digital workflow with maximum flexibility and simplicity. To ensure the ultimate sound quality, we selected LEA Professional Connect Series 354D amplifiers, which seamlessly integrated with Avid MTRX, DADman software, and a Dolby Atmos hardware renderer.

The LEA Connect Series 354D amplifiers provided the perfect solution for Clear Lake's Studio B. With three amplifiers powering the overhead and surround speakers, each channel delivering 350 watts, the Connect Series 354D offered integrated Dante connectivity. This feature eliminated unnecessary analog conversions, resulting in the purest signal and the lowest noise floor achievable.

Ease of use and reliability were paramount to Milos, and the LEA amplifiers met these criteria flawlessly. Their renowned dependability allowed them to be tucked away in the machine room, optimizing the studio's workflow. The meticulous attention-to-detail and cutting-edge technology applied by RSPE resulted in Studio B earning the prestigious designation of being a PMC Near-Field Reference Room, meeting the highest standards of sound quality and specifications.

"The result of this meticulous attention-to-detail and cutting-edge technology is nothing short of astounding," expresses Milos. With Studio B now providing a reference-quality mix room experience, he proudly states, "Thanks to LEA and RSPE, mission accomplished, not impossible."

Clear Lake Recording's doors are open to the next generation of music greats seeking their big break. Studio owner Eric Milos, a visionary in the industry, places his trust and reputation in RSPE Audio and LEA Professional to provide the ultimate sonic experience for aspiring artists. The collaboration between Clear Lake Recording, RSPE Audio, and LEA Professional sets a new standard in the world of recording studios, blending innovation, quality, and creativity to create an unmatched audio environment.

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