Focal Announces New Alpha 80 Evo, Alpha Twin Evo, and Sub One

Focal completes its Alpha Evo line with new Alpha 80 Evo and Alpha Twin Evo monitors, and introduces a brand-new subwoofer: Sub One. With new features and technologies as well as a fresh design, the line delivers unrivaled performance at this price point, sealing the French brand’s position as a benchmark for professional studios.

Let's dive into these new offerings from Focal:

Focal Alpha 80 Evo and Alpha Twin Evo

Focal Alpha 80 Evo and Twin Evo join the Alpha 50 Evo and Alpha 65 Evo in the Alpha Evo line of active studio monitors. Particularly recommended for producers and sound engineers seeking high volumes and rich sub-bass extension, these new studio monitors stand out thanks to their Slatefiber cone, robust design and how reliable they are to work with. The Alpha Evo line is now complete, suiting all uses and offering a harmonious sound signature, significant versatility and multiple features.

Focal Alpha 80 Evo

Active two-way studio monitor featuring 8" Slatefiber cone driver and1” (25mm) aluminium inverted dome tweeter, particularly recommended for professionals seeking high volumes and a rich sub-bass extension.

Focal Alpha Twin Evo

Powerful, high-quality bi-amped monitor with dual 6.5" Slatefiber LF drivers and Focal’s patented  1" aluminum inverted-dome tweeter

Focal Sub One

To further enhance the Alpha Evo line, especially for prroducers and mixer looking for more sub-bass, Focal presents Sub One. Thanks to its 200 W RMS power, its exclusive Slatefiber technology and its very low distortion, Sub One is the perfect partner for both the Alpha Evo and Shape lines. Its modern design, shallow depth and the location of its vents on the front panel allow it to be positioned very easily and discreetly.

Focal Sub One

200W bi-amped powered studio subwoofer featuring dual 8" woofer with Slatefiber cones