Universal Audio Microphones

Universal Audio has just announced a bunch of new microphones, including the Standard series, which contains the SD-1 dynamic mic and SP-1 condenser, The Sphere L22 modeling mic (formerly Townsend Labs, now under the UA brand), and the premium Bock Series, designed and built by David Bock in Santa Cruz, California.


Let's explore the mics:


Broadcast-style, cardioid dynamic mic designed for close-mic’d speech, vocal and instrument recording. Limited availability now.


Small-diaphragm condenser stereo pencil microphone pair for recording instruments, live performances, and more. Coming April 2022.

Sphere L22 Modeling Mic

Formerly Townsend Labs, now UA—Choose from 34 of the most sought‑after microphones ever made with this award‑winning dual‑capsule microphone modeling system. Limited Availability

Bock 187

Cardioid FET condenser microphone for vocals, instruments, and guitar amps.

Coming Fall 2022

Bock 167

Multi-pattern tube condenser microphone for vocals, acoustic instruments, drums, and voiceovers.

Coming Fall 2022

Bock 251

Multi-pattern tube condenser microphone for lead vocals, choir, and stringed orchestral instruments. 

Coming Fall 2022