Blue Microphones Blueberry Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

Blue Microphones Blueberry Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

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Blue Microphones Blueberry Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

The Blue Blueberry is a pressure-gradient cardioid condenser microphone that allows your voice and instruments to sit in front of the mix. Its handcrafted capsule and custom components provide shimmering high-end and smooth midrange with a commanding intimate presence that’s ideal for anything from vocals and acoustic guitar to strings and brass.

Blue Blueberry Features

  • Proprietary Blue single-membrane large diaphragm capsule
  • Commanding, intimate presence for vocals and instruments
  • Fast transient response and high-SPL handling
  • Blue heritage of premium audio and innovative design

Signature Sound For Every Instrument

Blueberry’s commanding sonic signature and high SPL handling make it ideal for all sorts of instruments. Capture guitar amps, drums, and brass with precision and clarity. Achieve warm, transparent tone for acoustic guitars and strings. Blueberry’s natural intimate presence even lets your most delicate sounds cut through the mix. All with minimized proximity effect.

Designed, Assembled and Tubed in the USA

Blueberry is designed and assembled with hand-tuned precision right here in the USA. Everything from the single-membrane large diaphragm capsule to the custom-built brass back plate adds to Blueberry’s superior audio and superb transient response.

Blend Vintage and Moderns Sounds

Blueberry blends the intimacy of vintage tube vocal mics with the response of the best solid-state technology. These characteristics combined with a proprietary transformer output provide Blueberry with a signature sound all its own. It’s the ultimate blend of vintage and modern.
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