Grimm Audio LS1be Studio Monitor Loudspeakers

Grimm Audio LS1be Studio Monitor Loudspeakers

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The Grimm Audio LS1be studio monitors feature a Seas Beryllium tweeter and Seas Magnesium woofer, taking the LS1 performance to the next level



Discover the pinnacle of audio excellence with the Grimm Audio LS1be, a remarkable advancement in the LS1 series. Building upon the acclaimed LS1 performance, the LS1be redefines transparency, focusing on "authority, control, and flow." Elevate your audio productions and listening sessions with this meticulously crafted loudspeaker.


Unparalleled Transparency

Grimm's unwavering commitment to excellence led us to create the LS1be, a loudspeaker designed to offer unprecedented transparency. With a dedicated focus on "authority, control, and flow," Grimm have taken the LS1's performance to new heights, delivering an audio experience that is second to none.


Beryllium Tweeter for Enhanced Precision

Central to the LS1be's remarkable performance is the newly developed Beryllium tweeter, co-engineered with Seas. This remarkable tweeter extends the frequency range, offering a broader spectrum of sound. Its low distortion properties—9 dB less than Grimm's original tweeter—ensure immaculate sound reproduction, capturing even the most delicate nuances of your audio source.


Revolutionary Bass Performance

Experience groundbreaking improvements in the low-frequency spectrum. Grimm's pioneering Digital Motional Feedback (DMF) subwoofer technology sets a new standard with an astonishing 30 dB reduction in distortion. This enhancement brings bass transparency on par with the mid and treble ranges, creating a harmonious sonic landscape that captivates your senses.


Precision Through Digital Signal Processing

As with Grimm's other LS1 models, the LS1be benefits from intelligent DSP technology. Each unit's frequency response is meticulously linearized through Computer Aided Calibration during production. This ensures that every detail of your audio is reproduced with utmost precision and accuracy.


Comprehensive Connectivity and Control

The LS1be comes complete with the LS1r controller and LS1i USB interface, both acclaimed features from the LS1 line. This comprehensive setup provides you with convenient control over volume and sources, enhancing your overall audio experience.


Elegant Design Choices

Tailor the LS1be to your aesthetic preferences. Choose from a stylish 'Hi-Macs' artificial stone finish, a timeless bamboo veneer look, or an elegant 'all black' design. Elevate your space with a loudspeaker that not only performs flawlessly but also complements your environment.


LS1be Features

  • Distinctive wide dispersion Beryllium tweeter for exceptional precision
  • Linear performance down to 250 Hz with unidirectional sound
  • DSP-controlled frequency curve for unmatched accuracy
  • Well-behaved off-axis response for a balanced listening experience
  • Versatile digital and analog audio inputs for seamless connectivity
  • Support for 64/128 fs DSD and DXD playback via the USB interface
  • Filtered analog subwoofer output, compatible with the SB1 subwoofer
  • Remote control capabilities for easy volume and source adjustments
  • Powered by super low distortion NCore Class D power amplifiers
  • Backed by a 5-year limited warranty for peace of mind


Discover a world where precision, control, and flow converge to redefine audio perfection with the Grimm Audio LS1be.

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