Merging Technologies Atmos Bundle

Merging Technologies Atmos Bundle

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The Merging Technologies Atmos Bundle: Unleash the full potential of Dolby Atmos with the ultimate 9.1.6 / 7.1.4 immersive audio package


The Merging Atmos Bundle is compact, user-friendly package that delivers immersive 9.1.6 / 7.1.4 audio, seamless automatic or manual calibration, comprehensive monitoring capabilities, built-in headphones and mic pres, flexible connectivity options, and complete control at your fingertips. 


Merging Atmos Bundle Features:

  • Multichannel Monitoring for 9.1.6 Dolby Atmos and beyond
  • Bass Management and Powerful DSP Functions onboard
  • Manual or Automatic SoundID room correction with built-in delays, trims, and an impressive 336 EQ bands
  • Mastering Grade Mic Pres, AD/DA Converters and headphone Outputs
  • VAD AES67 Audio-Over-IP for seamless configuration
  • Extensive I/O options including DigiLink, MADI, AES, Mic Pres, DA, ADAT, and SPDIF 


Effortless Automatic Calibration:

Experience the fastest route to a perfectly tuned room, thanks to Merging's exclusive partnership with Sonarworks. With the provided microphone and SoundID Reference for multichannel software, let the intuitive software guide you through a seamless room measurement process. Adjust your desired target curve in the SoundID Reference software, whether it's a flat response, Dolby Music, custom settings, or translation checks. Export each correction profile directly to your Anubis, where the correction runs with the lowest latency, maximum consistency, and unbeatable convenience.


Take Control with Manual Calibration:

Are you an experienced audio engineer who prefers to fine-tune the room yourself or collaborate with a Dolby consultant? No problem. The Anubis offers built-in delays, trims, and an impressive 336 EQ bands, providing you with all the tools you need for precise room calibration.


Mergin Anubis - The Ultimate Monitoring Engine:

Discover the power of the Merging Anubis, a comprehensive monitoring engine that revolutionizes your mixing experience. With an astounding 128 channels of input, Anubis allows you to monitor a wide variety of incoming stems in multiple formats and over countless speaker sets. Take advantage of speaker controls, down mixing capabilities, and seamless routing to cue mixes.

With Anubis's compact design, it seamlessly integrates into your production tools, ensuring it fits nicely alongside your workflow. Whether you prefer mixing with a mouse or on faders, Merging's direct monitoring control and real-time feedback are conveniently located on the Anubis itself. Say goodbye to network dependencies and DAW computer issues. With Anubis, your monitoring system is always under control, literally under the palm of your hand, regardless of your workstation's health.


Built-in Headphones and Mic Pres:

Experience unparalleled convenience with Anubis's built-in features. Two of Merging's best headphone outputs are positioned right in front of you, precisely where you need them most. Additionally, the Hapi MkII also includes its own headphones output. Each headphones output can be individually fed from the Anubis, allowing dedicated cue mixes tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're monitoring your Dolby Atmos binaural mix alongside your clients or providing low-latency cue mixes for ADR or tracking, the Merging Atmos bundle offers a complete system, complete with a built-in talkback mic, circuitry, and control. The Anubis built-in mic pres and ADs uphold Merging Technologies' acclaimed quality, ensuring uncompromised recording capabilities.


Seamless Connectivity:

Traditional Dolby Atmos renderers often rely on complex Dante or MADI packages, requiring expansion chassis and costly cards. Managing audio and Dolby Atmos metadata separately on different routes can be overwhelming for creatives who aren't accustomed to such intricate IT requirements. However, Merging's Atmos Bundle simplifies everything. Dolby has officially qualified the VAD AES67 driver, making the Silicon Mac running Merging VAD the simplest and most powerful Dolby Atmos renderer available. VAD also acts as your go-to solution for interconnecting your DAW to Anubis, streamlining your workflow and eliminating unnecessary complications.


Unmatched Flexibility:

Expand your studio effortlessly with the Hapi MkII, a versatile device that can be stacked infinitely to provide additional I/O options such as MADI, AES, Analog, or even digilink. This flexibility allows for infinite expandability at a highly competitive price point. With just a single Hapi MkII equipped with 2x PT64 cards, you can host an impressive 128 channels of digilink for an HDX2 system. And if you require even more capabilities, simply add another Hapi MkII with a PT64 card, and you'll have a powerful HDX3 system at your fingertips.


Experience the Complete Atmos Bundle:

Don't miss out on the opportunity to dive into the incredible world of Dolby Atmos. Building an ecosystem for Dolby Atmos mixing can be costly, complex, and space-consuming. However, with Merging Technologies' Atmos Bundle and RSPE Audio, we provide you with a single, all-inclusive product bundle that gets you up to speed in no time. Say goodbye to the challenges of piecing together different components and configurations. This compact, adaptable, and user-friendly solution ensures a seamless Dolby Atmos experience regardless of your preferred DAW.


What's Included in the Atmos Bundle:


Monitoring Engine:


DA for Speaker Outputs (and more):

    • Includes 2x DA8 cards for 16 line outputs
    • Includes 2x breakout cables


Room Calibration for Anubis:

  • SoundID Reference MICROPHONE
  • SoundID Reference for Multichannel SOFTWARE
  • SoundID Reference ANUBIS PLUGIN

Dolby Approved AES67 driver for renderer/DAW:

  • MERGING Virtual Audio Device (VAD)

Experience the future of immersive audio with the Merging Technologies Atmos Bundle, now available at RSPE Audio Solutions. Take your audio production to new heights with the industry-leading solution for Dolby Atmos mixing.

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