Meyer Sound Acheron Designer - Screen Channel Loudspeakers

Meyer Sound Acheron Designer - Screen Channel Loudspeakers

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Meyer Sound’s Acheron Designer - Screen Channel Loudspeakers

Meyer SoundAcheron’s cinema-optimized components are ideal for dub stages

Meyer Sound’s Acheron Designer is aimed at sound designers, screening rooms, and small theaters, the full-range Acheron Designer offers the same horn technology as the Acheron 80 and Studio, in an even more compact footprint that’s ideal for use tight spaces behind screens. Rear-mount, recessed convection cooling allows Acheron Designer to be placed flat against a wall. Acheron Designer integrates seamlessly with any of Meyer Sound’s HMS family of surround loudspeakers and the X-800C Meyer Sound cinema subwoofer to create a complete system.

Acheron 80/100

Acheron 100 and 80 two-way, full-range speakers deliver precise coverage for cinema screen sound channels. Each model is based around Acheron’s signature horn design and 15-inch woofer: The 100 offers 100-degree horizontal coverage, for wider theatres and re-recording stages; while the 80 offers 80-degree horizontal coverage, for narrower theatres and dub stages. Models measure just 21 inches deep, making them ideal for tight behind-screen installs.

Acheron LF

Acheron LF pairs with Acheron 80 and 100 speakers to deliver extended low-frequency headroom and more punch in bigger rooms. Its double-15" cabinet houses the same low-frequency driver found in the Acheron 80 and 100, and pairs perfectly with either model to form a column that places all three in phase alignment.

Acheron Studio

The Acheron Studio is a compact version of the Acheron 80 geared toward smaller theatres, re-recording stages, and post-production facilities. It offers the same fidelity and performance as its larger Acheron siblings and features a convection-cooled amplifier for ultra-quiet operation in studio environments. Acheron Studio integrates seamlessly with Meyer Sound’s HMS family of surround loudspeakers and the Meyer Sound X-800C cinema subwoofer to create complete systems for smaller venues.

Acheron Features

  • High peak power output with ultralow distortion
  • Exceptional fidelity and extended highfrequency performance
  • Constant-Q horn yields uniform response throughout coverage area
  • Extraordinarily flat amplitude and phase response for tonal accuracy
  • Seamless integration with HMS-10 surround loudspeakers and X-800C subwoofer

Suggested Applications:

  • Sound design suites
  • Small theatres
  • Custom, private theatres
  • Re-recording stages
  • Mixing for postproduction facilities
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