Neumann KH 150 Active Studio Monitor

Neumann KH 150 Active Studio Monitor

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Neumann KH 150: Powerful Studio Monitor for Deep Bass & Accurate Mixing

Achieve reference-grade sound with the Neumann KH 150, a bi-amplified studio monitor ideal for music production, broadcasting, and post-production. This powerful monitor delivers deep bass response, exceptional clarity, and advanced DSP technology for an unparalleled monitoring experience.


Unleash the Power of Precision:

Deep, Accurate Bass: Experience extended low frequencies down to 39 Hz, perfect for modern music production styles like EDM and urban music.
Superior Clarity: The KH 150's high-precision drivers and linear phase response ensure transparent audio reproduction, allowing you to hear every detail in your mix.
DSP-Controlled Performance: Advanced DSP technology guarantees a ruler-flat frequency response and eliminates phase distortion, providing a clean and accurate listening experience.

Room-Ready & Versatile:

Automatic Room Calibration (Optional): Pair the KH 150 with Neumann's MA 1 software (sold separately) for automatic room correction, optimizing your monitoring environment for accurate mixing decisions.
Flexible Connectivity: Analog and digital inputs provide seamless integration with various studio setups.
AES67 Model Available: The KH 150 AES67 model offers network audio over IP functionality, ideal for professional broadcast applications.

Additional Highlights:

Wide Sweet Spot: The KH 150's Mathematically Modelled Dispersion waveguide guarantees a comfortable listening experience, minimizing desk reflections for improved accuracy.
Energy Efficient Design: The KH 150 utilizes Neumann's innovative amplifier technology, delivering high performance while minimizing power consumption.
Multiple Mounting Options: Choose from various mounting options (sold separately) to perfectly integrate the KH 150 into your studio setup.

The Neumann KH 150 is the studio monitor designed for audio professionals seeking a powerful and accurate studio monitor for critical listening applications. 

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