Triad-Orbit GB-3 Grav Bags - Ballast Bags

Triad-Orbit GB-3 Grav Bags - Ballast Bags

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Triad-Orbit GB-3 Grav Bags Ballast Bags

Grav Bags provide extra stability for Triad-Orbit mic stands

If you’re using mic stands in awkward positions, heavy mics with long-extension booms, a Triad-Orbit Grav Bags™ Ballast Bags can be placed on a single leg of a stand as a 3.3 lb. “bootie” for extra stability, or combined as a 10 lb. tripod center weight to stabilize mic stands in high-traffic areas. All Triad-Orbit components, such as the GB-3 Grav Bags are designed to provide new and unique solutions to old problems.

Triad-Orbit GB-3 Grav Bags Ballast unique features:

  • Triangular weighted shot bags
  • Can be used as individual 3.3 lb. counter-weight or single 10 lb. center weight

Triad-Orbit Advanced Microphone Stand Systems

Triad-Orbit represents a quantum leap in the evolution of the microphone stand. Every industry-standard component, from stand bases to mic clips, was analyzed and reinvented to realize a singular objective: precise mic placement without compromise.

Triad Articulating Tripod Mic Stands

The Triad proprietary articulating base provides the weight and stability of large diameter cast iron bases and a fully adjustable attitude and footprint, thanks to its patent-pending ratcheting mechanism. Each leg of a TRIAD base has four ratcheted positions that provide up to 65º of pitch to accommodate 'boom-less' front lines, uneven surfaces and stacking for storage.

If you’re an experienced engineer, just one encounter with a Triad-Orbit stand is all it takes to realize they provide the solution to all the mic placement problems you’ve simply accepted over the years as a necessary evil. And if you’re just starting out, why not start out right? Outfit your studio with Triad-Orbit T1 short, T2 standard, and T3 tall and watch your miking problems disappear.

Orbit Orbital Booms

Orbit Orbital Booms utilize a stainless steel ball swivel mechanism to deliver an unparalleled range of motion (360° x 220°) that's extremely smooth, quiet and stable. Orbit Booms incorporate IO Quick-Change Couplers for rapid hardware changes without the hassle and delay of threaded connections. Combining O1 Single-Arm and O2 Dual-Arm Orbital Booms with M1 or M2 Mic Adaptors creates an advanced mic placement system with unequalled accuracy and adjustability.

Micro Orbital Mic Adaptors

MICRO Adaptors are miniature versions of Orbit Orbital Booms, exhibiting the same enhanced range of motion thanks to the unique ball swivel mechanism. Using MICRO Adaptors in conjunction with Orbit Booms exponentially increases the accuracy and versatility of any microphone stand.

IO Quick-Change Couplers

The exclusive IO Quick-Change Coupler is standard equipment on all TRIAD Stands. IO effortlessly captures booms and mics with ease and assurance. ‘On-the-fly’ hardware swaps are now a reality, replacing the tedious task of threading booms and mic clips on and off.

Triad-Orbit Accessories

Along with their cutting-edge mic stand systems, Triad-Orbit makes a number of useful accessories including the T-ES Elevator Shaft, iOrbit Tablet and Smartphone Mount, GB-3 Grav Bag, TGB-1 Deluxe Wheeled Carrier Bag, and TGB-2 Standard Carrier Bag.

Add stability to your Triad-Orbit mic stands with GB-3 Grav Bags. For more information, call or chat with an RSPE representative today.

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