Triad-Orbit M3-R - Retrofit Long Stem Microphone Adapter

Triad-Orbit M3-R - Retrofit Long Stem Microphone Adapter

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Triad-Orbit M3-R Retrofit Long-Stem Orbital Mic Adaptor

Add Triad-Orbit’s precision mic-placement hardware to your existing mic stands

If you already have a sizeable investment in mic stands and booms and want to step up to the precision performance of Triad-Orbit stands without reinvesting, Triad-Orbit’s retrofit components such as the M3-R Long-Stem Orbital Mic Adaptor can give your mic stand collection a major upgrade in mic-placement capability. The Micro M3-R is the retrofit version of the Micro M3 Long-Stem Orbital Mic Adaptor. Exhibiting the same extended range-of-motion as the M3, the M3-R Retrofit Orbital Mic Adaptor features a long-stem, ball-swivel mounting arm to hold large-diaphragm microphones in spider shockmounts. The long-stem mounting arm allows the mic and shockmount to clear the boom when making adjustments. Triad-Orbit’s patent-pending Glide Path™ ball-swivel housing allows both full orbital rotation and conventional straight-line, on-axis use. Equipped with industry standard 5/8" threads, M3-R Retrofit Orbital Mic Adaptors can exponentially increase the accuracy, versatility, and reliability of any microphone stand.

Triad-Orbit M3-R Long-Stem Orbital Mic Adaptor unique features:

  • Miniature version of Orbit O-series orbital booms fits any standard-thread mic stands
  • Long stem lets spider shockmounts clear boom
  • Ball-swivel mechanism provides enhanced range of motion
  • Glide Path ball-swivel housing allows spherical and straight-line movement for on- and off-axis mic placement
  • Equipped with industry-standard 5/8" threads

Triad-Orbit Retrofit Components

T-O Retrofit Aftermarket Components provide compatibility between conventional mic stands, boom arms, and mic clips equipped with traditional 5/8" threads and Triad-Orbit Advanced Microphone Stand System components. Equipping traditional mic stands and boom arms with IO-R Quick-Change Couplers and Micro-R Orbital Mic Adaptors provide a cost-effective upgrade in workflow and functionality.

Triad-Orbit IO-R and IO-H

IO-R and IO-H Quick-Change Couplers capture booms and mics with ease and assurance. On-the-fly hardware swaps replace the tedious task of threading booms and mic clips on and off. Rapid hardware and mic changes between recording sessions and live sets are a snap

Micro M3-R Retrofit Orbital Mic Adapter

Micro M3-R Orbital Mic Adaptors feature a long stem-mounting arm to handle larger microphones, such as large-diaphragm condensers and broadcast mics. The exclusive Compass Point ball swivel housing solidly secures mics in any mounting position.

M3-R Mic Adaptors are the perfect interface between traditional mic stands and add-on accessories like iPad mounts, music desks, etc. The added range-of-motion and secure lockout positions earn M3-R Adaptors a slot in every performer’s gig bag. All Triad-Orbit Advanced Microphone Stand System components are IO-equipped, giving them unique quick-change capability. Rapid hardware and mic changes between recording sessions and live sets are a snap, thanks to the integrated IO quick-change platform. Triad T1 short, T2 standard, and T3 tall Articulating Mic Stands; Orbit 1 and Orbit 2 Orbital Booms; and M2 and M3 Orbital Mic Adaptors all incorporate the Triad-Orbit-Micro IO innovation.

Whether you’re working in live sound reinforcement, soundtrack or pop studio recording, all audio professionals benefit from reduction in setup and teardown times. Triad-Orbit M3-R Retrofit Orbital Adaptors can easily pay for themselves in one tracking session. For more information, call or chat with an RSPE representative.

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