U-He Bazille - Digital Modular Synthesis

U-He Bazille - Digital Modular Synthesis

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U-He Bazille - Digital Modular Synthesis

4-Oscillator FM-Synthesis and Phase Distortion with Modular Patching

Bazille is a large modular system combining digital oscillators with analogue-style filters and modeled effects, with a flexibility that only modular patching can provide.

After ACE, the second spawn of our ongoing 'Berlin Modular' project, this one is a very different, much larger beast...

Bazille Features

      • 4 digital oscillators with simultaneous FM (frequency modulation), PD (phase distortion) and FR (fractal resonance)
      • 4 multimode analogue type filters with up to 6 parallel outputs each
      • 4 modelled effects: stereo delay, distortion, phaser, spring reverb
      • 2 LFOs with 3 parallel outputs each
      • 4 ADS(S)R type envelope generators
      • signal processors: Inverter, rectifier, sample & hold, lag generators and quantizer
      • 2 mapping generators (waveshapers) with a variety of drawing tools and controls
      • 8 x 16-step morphing sequencer
      • multiplex modules for signal mixing, RM (ring modulation), AM (amplitude modulation)
      • single-page alternative skin included
      • microtuning support (.tun files)
      • multichannel MIDI support
      • user interface zoom in 10% steps
      • over 1700 presets...

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