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mobile Pro Tools Software & Hardwaremobile Pro Tools Software & Hardware

Pro Tools Software & Hardware

The Number one Pro Tools dealer in Los Angeles. Pro Tools systems designed for recording studios, post production sound and Immersive / Spatial Audio / Dolby Atmos studios.

Avid Pro Tools S6 Control SurfaceAvid Pro Tools S6 Control Surface

Pro Tools | S6 Configurator

RSPE's S6 Configurator lets you customize the Avid S6 control surface to meet your precise needs

Immersive Audio & Dolby Atmos Studio DesignImmersive Audio & Dolby Atmos Studio Design
Immersive Audio & Dolby Atmos Studio Design

Immersive Audio & Dolby Atmos Studio Design

Dolby Professional dealer for over 20 years providing Dolby Atmos Certified Studio Design, Integration and Installation

PMC Speakers Studio Monitors & SubwoofersPMC Speakers Studio Monitors & Subwoofers

PMC Speakers

PMC Speakers Los Angeles Showroom. Explore and Demo PMC Loudspeakers in Active, Passive and Subwoofers

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Avid S6 Configurator

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ASC AttackWall

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RSPE Audio Solutions is the one-stop shop for all your pro audio & video equipment needs. We offer Pro Tools sales and support, Immersive Audio / Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos studio design, acoustic treatment and room tuning, and pro audio equipment installation and maintenance. We have a dedicated team of specialists who can advise you whether you are an audio producer, music producer, post-production engineer, sound designer, film scorer, broadcast engineer, live sound engineer, or studio recording engineer. Pro Tools Specialists since 1991.